Thursday, June 06, 2013

Final Vows for Sr Maria Kim

Our Sister Maria Kim returned last week from almost a year in Italy where she was in a program with 30+ other young sisters from around the world who were preparing to make their final vows (we usually say "perpetual profession"). Sister Maria Kim's perpetual profession will be held in her home parish in Tempe, AZ, but she won't be the only Daughter of St. Paul present--not by a long shot! Sister Helena from here in Chicago is also part of the team. In fact, Our Lady of Mt Carmel parish will be hosting a week of evangelizing activity in the days leading up to June 30, when Sister Maria Kim will make those vows of chastity, poverty and obedience "for all my life."

Sister Helena will be offering some Theology of the Body presentations for different groups (different talks geared toward men, women and families); sisters will be available to visit the homes to pray with the families; there will be a special book table where people can sponsor books for others. Every day there will be talks offered on different aspects of spirituality. Plus there will be a discernment retreat for young adult women, a Saturday morning retreat for parishioners, and an Hour of Eucharistic Adoration for the whole parish to round everything out! It's also nice that the two postulants who will be entering novitiate in a few months will also be able to participate in everything, getting a look ahead at the life they are starting out on.

If you are in the Tempe area, please share this information widely! If you know a young woman (14-30) who might "make a good nun," let her know about the June 29-30 discernment retreat. Speaking of vocations, there will be a film crew on hand from SpiritJuice Studios (the same group we are working with for the documentary on our Founder). They'll get everything on camera and then (with the grace of God) put out a short vocation-oriented video that can help other young women like Sister Maria Kim recognize if God is calling them to the Pauline life. We just started an online fundraiser for this project; if we get in $500/day from now until Sister Maria Kim's vow day, we can cover the cost of filming everything. Take a look at the "perks" for the different donation levels! They were mostly my idea. Sister Frances' came up with the sweetest one.

You can also download and print the whole program flyer!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sister Maria Kim, best wishes to all the DSP. I will keep you in my prayers. - Jean