Thursday, June 06, 2013


In view of my upcoming trip to Rome, I received the gift of a new tool for our mission: a light-field camera, which I hope to make very good use of. Once I learn how to use it, that is! Here is the first photo I took with it. (Click into the image to change the focus.) Tomorrow, God willing (and weather permitting), I will take it to Millennium Park for a real first test.

The relic of Blessed James which Sr Helena is holding came my way in 2003 or 2004, shortly after his beatification (which I attended). At the time, our two screenwriting nuns (Sr Helena and Sr Marie Paul) had major projects that they had asked me to pray for, so I put it on Father Alberione's to-do list, where it remains. After all, we have a ways to go before the cinema apostolate is on its feet!

I think Alberione is delighted at having a first-hand role in introducing a new form of technology into the Pauline mission! One of the women just accepted into our postulancy is a fine-arts photographer; I am sure she will have many ideas about how to communicate the Gospel visually with this new kind of camera.


stormy said...

Wow!The focus changing is so cool!!God bless ALL of you Pauline sisters!I truly appreciate your mission. Thank you for being on topic yet so down to earth.I never knew there were real life Catholic religious people who are dedicated to spreading the faith via multimedia.What a great calling!!

Anonymous said...

I just made quick google about these cameras after seeing your pic as i'd never heard of them before.

The review praised it's invention although they thought it would need to be improved upon(i'm sure they will), especially in regards to it's resolution if i read it right.

If it's true about the focusing then we'd never see the usual out- of- focus UFO pics we often see.

Who knows, maybe they'll invent one that can actually take a pic of something supernatural one day that can't be disputed...only joking!

Have fun with it!


Sr Anne Flanagan said...

I have been thinking of ways this technology can be used to present the sacraments, the parables, the Creed, all in images with multiple "foci": the camera allows several things to take the stage, but always in the context of the other things in the image. That seems very sacramental to me.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite make out the writing at the back,on the wall..I think my eyesight is going with age though..