Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Greetings from Texas and the Catholic New Media Conference! I had been home in New Orleans with Mom, planning all along to drive to Texas with her and my sister Jane to visit my sister Lea in Austin. It just happened that a hurricane came along at that exact time. So we didn't evacuate, exactly, but we did leave New Orleans ahead of the hurricane. So far we have no news of damage to family property (but I saw on Twitter that my mom's parish lost a tree and a breezeway--so far).
I flew from Austin to Dallas this morning and have already attended two interesting talks on the tech track. In between I am reconnecting with people I know mostly through Catholic social networking, but on the shuttle from the airport I made a new connection. Nancy is from a pro-life clinic in Austin. They not only offer pregnancy support for crisis pregnancies; they also have a regular ob-gyn practice that completely conforms with Catholic values using NaPro technology to help address the causes of infertility. I am looking forward to learning more about what they are doing so I can help get the info out there!
Sister Christina from our editorial department is also attending the CNMC, while two sisters are at the Pauline booth at the Catholic Marketing Network trade show which is also going on here (actually, CNMC and the Catholic Writers Guild are piggybackng on the Marketing Network's meeting).
At 5:30 this afternoon I will be interviewing the Catholic mommy uber-blogger, Jennifer Fulwiler so I can contribute a post to the "Support a Catholic Speaker Month" initiative. In between sessions, there is an adoration chapel in one of the meeting rooms, so I guess I'll do some networking with Jesus...

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