Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TOB Tuesday with Sr Helena, part 4

Sr Helena continues as guest speaker...from the radio show she hosted on July 13.

Trashy novels have always been "women's porn." Why? And why are more women today getting addicted to visual porn? What gives with the "50 shades" phenomenon?

After interviewing a sex addiction counselor named Bernadette (a phone connection for broadcast could not be established, no matter how hard they tried), Sr Helena sums up Bernadette's insights into how the overstimulation of women's fantasy lives gives us unrealistic expectations about our real life.

Does it matter what we do with our mind, as long as our body is not involved?

Did Jesus have anything to say about all this?

For information about healing sexual addictions through the the "Seeing One Another Rightly" program contact Bernadette at soar0135[{@}] aol [.] com

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