Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We have a guest sister with us this week, Sister Gabriela of the Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George (the "Alton Franciscans," even though they'd rather go by their formal name). She's boning up on how to teach AP history as she transfers from teaching Spanish in Nebraska to the AP history track in New Jersey, where a high school classmate of mine will be her local superior. We've been enjoying the conversations that show us how alike religious communities are, whether Franciscan or Pauline. It's another proof, to me, of what our Lord said about the hundredfold: a hundred times as many sisters....
Not to mention the brothers, too. Had a brief meeting with Chris Coon from the new "Urban Village Church," a United Methodist community just forming in the South Loop. They have Sunday worship in an auditorium at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies on Michigan Ave. And next week our own dear Brother Al (Society of St. Paul) is coming for a few days: Sister Helena wants to interview him about our Founder, whom he worked alongside in the 60's. God willing, you'll be seeing Brother Al in that documentary she is writing! (Watch the trailer if you didn't see it yet.)

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