Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earlier this month, Catholic media professionals held their annual meeting. I was (as you may remember) trying to pull a retreat together, so only today did I come upon a wonderful presentation by Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala on the role of Catholic media in today's world. He didn't just limit himself to official Church media, but also on the role of bloggers ("we [bishops] are very troubled by blogs .... that assume the role of Magisterium") and the role of the bishops themselves (especially what Church media staff members can and cannot expect of the bishops), and asked the media professionals to let the bishops know how they could "do a better job of letting you help us."

And speaking of Catholic media, I was finally (after uncounted attempts) able to get Sr. Julia's book review video together. This was recorded in late May, when she was in town for a meeting. I used a borrowed HD camera to see if I could get better quality (yes), but it sure wasn't intuitive! Anyway, enjoy:


Margie said...

Many thanks for sharing.

-I hope we could still share our thoughts on the blogs freelyl

--I think one of the authors mentioned by Sr. Julia, will be at the New York Bible Summit at Fordham Univ. Lincoln Center this Saturday 26 June. I'll try and attend his workshop/lecture. Hope he brings some copies of his orange book. Also, 'hope to get the 4 Teresas book--lots of gems and easy to follow steps there. This video is just great. I was just thinking of the saints this last couple of days. I'd like to be able to talk with my circle of friends about some of them during these wonderful summer months.

Best to you all!!!

Margie said...

Dear Srs. Julia and Anne,

On 26 June 2010, participants in the NY Bible Summit had the great opportunity to hear Mass which was celebrated at St. Paul the Apostle Church just across venue: Fordham University in Manhattan.

The Summit provided a good opportunity to listen to the lecture of Fr. James Martin, SJ. He told us about joy and sense of humor, & how important these are, particularly in the face of the many local & global challenges or difficulties. Being joyful can lift up our spirits and those we love and serve.

Many thanks to Brother Peter Lyne, SSP, I was able to purchase from him Fr. Martin's 'orange' book "The Jesuit Guide to (almost) EVERYTHING: A Spirituality for Real Life".

Kindly continue to share your book reviews, as they are very helpful.

Advanced Happy Feast Day of St. Paul the Apostle!