Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sacred Heart Triduum

In preparation for Friday's Solemnity of the Sacred Heart (and the beginning of the Year for Priests), I will provide two prayers a day by our Founder; I'll post one in the morning and one in the afternoon so you can sanctify the day.

Jesus, Divine Master,
I thank and bless your most generous Heart for the great gift of the Gospel. You said, "I was sent to evangelize the poor." Your words bring eternal life.
Grant me the grace to preserve your Gospel with veneration, listen to it and read it in the spirit of the Church, and spread it with the love with which you yourself preached it.
May it be known, honored and received by everyone! May the whole world conform to the Gospel in life, laws, morals and teachings. May the fire you brought to the earth inflame, enlighten and warm us all!

(Sr Irene took the picture at St. John Cantius over the weekend.)

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