Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The other day I was coming in on Belmont from Lakeshore Drive. It's a nerve-wracking intersection, because there are criss-crossing streets (sort of a rotary effect, but without the actual "rotar" part) with two major streets involved in the mix. Naturally, the City of Chicago sensed a fund-raising opportunity. (Good thing I'm a pretty law-abiding driver.)
As I made the turn from the exit, the first light ahead changed rather quickly. Just as quickly, I came to a stop. At the same time, two intense flashes of light came from what looked for all the world like Darth Vader's hat rack. Thankfully, I was solidly braked (right on the stop line with its magnetic "ticket cam" trigger).
You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

We have that infuriating system further south. It's called entrapment. So glad you got the "breaks" this time

xaipe said...

You mean the "brakes," don't you?!