Monday, June 15, 2009

Great St. Joseph

I learned the hymn "Great St Joseph" when I was a postulant. Every first Wednesday of the month is devoted to St. Joseph (I thought this was a community tradition, but it is part of the "popular piety" of the Church). Well, that called for a lot of hymns to St. Joseph. "Great St. Joseph" had the advantage (for this soprano, at least!) of featuring one really high note in the last line. I was one of the few sisters who could manage to sing the whole song!
Anyway, I say all this by way of introduction. We have a book about St. Joseph coming out this August. It has what we know about his life, some of the stories from church tradition about devotion to St. Joseph, lots of prayers (including, yes, a prayer to sell one's house--and a prayer to find a house) and many stories of families who have their own St. Joseph miracles to share. Well, the editor, Sr. Kathryn James, has now set up a St. Joseph blog where you can share your own St. Joseph stories. And prayer requests, I'm sure. (If there's no section specifically for that, post your requests wherever they fit, and I imagine a special section will be forthcoming.)


Sue said...

It's beautiful, thanks. Well crafted.

brian said...

As a father, I have a strong devotion to St. Joseph. He has guided me through the many ups and downs of fatherhood - he is the prime example of patience and humility.

God bless you1