Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the road

Sr. Laura and I head out this evening for the Rockford Diocese's Catholic Family Conference in Elgin. When we get back Sunday afternoon, I will have just over a day to catch up and...pack for my trip to Boston! So you may not hear from me too much over the next five days.
Meanwhile, I have launched yet another blog, this time on behalf of our recording choir. It is hosted on St. Paul's Tube, a Pauline Family social networking site. Hopefully, during the recording sessions, we'll manage to post daily updates, video clips, reminders for prayer and the like.
One voice that may be missing on this album is that of Sr. Margaret Timothy Sato. I don't think she's missed an album yet, but this month she was named Provincial Superior--a role that can be pretty much all-consuming. Sr. Timothy, a native of Honolulu, takes the helm of the Daughters of St. Paul in the US and English-speaking Canada. Assisting her on the council are: Sr. Joan Paula Aruda, Sr. Marie James Hunt, Sr. M. Domenica Vitello and Sr. Karen Marie Anderson (who is presently also serving as director of novices). This is their very first week "on the job," so I know they would appreciate an extra dose of prayer.

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