Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another book for your shelf

We have a clearance sale going on, which is (to my mind) the perfect reason to quickly read through a book or two before it sells out. One of the books I perused was Ruth Barton's "Sacred Rhythms." It's a kind of handbook on Christian spirituality: prayer, discernment, creating a spiritual "rule of life" (and even the examen of consciousness!). All very solid, very real-life oriented and very readable. What is particularly interesting to me is that Barton, who was brought up in the Baptist tradition, makes all this traditionally Catholic stuff very approachable for non-Catholics, to whom the language may be much less familiar. But her writing is not so focused on a Protestant audience that a Catholic would be distracted or unable to relate. It's just a good, solid and balanced treatment of key issues in our life with God.
Barton deserves kudos for her treatment of the Sabbath in our Christian life, and her helpful explanation of how to create a "rule of life" that sets our life on course in a way that coincides with our life with God, not setting "prayer life" and "real life" on parallel tracks.
As I mentioned, this was a book I picked up from our sale shelf; we have a few copies left (at 30% off!), so if you're quick enough, you might be able to snatch one up for yourself.

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