Saturday, July 05, 2008

Facebook Face-off

I tried to log onto Facebook today, only to be met with the curt message that my account had been disabled by an adminstrator because of a "fake name."
I used SrAnne as my name because Facebook had earlier deleted the "Sister" from "Sister Anne." I just wrote( to protest (mildly), saying that SrAnne was as close as I could get to my real name, given the restrictions on titles in FB. "Sister Anne" appears on my passport; doesn't that count as a "real" name?
So if you are wondering, as Jeff was, why I disappeared from your friend list, that's the reason. Want to help me (and other offending "srs") get back on?


Jeff Young said...

I am so upset about this. It is just not right. I will do what I can on Facebook to protest.

I am praying that you will get back on quickly. Your presence on Facebook is part of your apostolate! You touch people for the Divine Master. Yes, indeed, I will pray for your speedy reinstatement.

God bless you, SrAnne!

dr. nic said...

Is there any sort of formal protest being done. I'll do what I can.

Cody said...


I sent two messages to Facebook just now. I will continue, daily, to do so.

This is injustice. Am I correct in saying that the titles "Dr" and "Rev" are allowed to remain?

This is of my friends named "Jaimee" changed her name to "Jimmy" and Facebook hasn't deleted it. What injustice...

I pray that you'll return. None of my other friends have nuns on their Friend list. :)

God is Love,


Mhari said...

Hi Sister,

Not to suggest that you leave facebook altogether, as the apostolate within the world is very important, but can I suggest that you also join the official WYD social network, We very much welcome religious!

In Christ,