Friday, July 04, 2008


Going to Mass on Independence Day got me thinking about what "independence" means for Christians. St Paul speaks about our freedom as children of God. So when did we declare our independence? We can't be independent of God, although there are some strands of spiritual thought that do incline that way. Actually, our "July 4" was our Baptism day, and we celebrate Independence Day every time we renew our baptismal promises. We declare our independence from Satan, from all his works and from all his empty promises. Even more, we "renounce" them.
Jesus has already won the victory: we are free at last!

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BarbaraKB said...

Just saw your tweet for Facebook help. Sr. Rose Pacetta and I are friends on Facebook. Did it happen to her too? I am mobile right now but will contact FB for you tomorrow. If you follow me on twitter, I can DM u my e-mail address. Or u can contact me thru my web site. Okay?