Monday, July 07, 2008

About Face(book)

After some correspondence with the folks behind Facebook, and a 1.5 mb jpg of my passbook page, I am back on Facebook, presumably as "Sister Anne." I would check on it now, but Mom wants to go see the Hummingbird Lady of Metairie, and our time is short!
Glad this was taken care of; I was getting rather creeped out by the implications of what FB was doing.


Jeff Young, HFI said...

I am so glad you are back on Facebook. But, I agree... this whole situation creeps me out too. It's hard not to assume there is some kind of agenda at work here.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to FB, "Sister Anne".

Anonymous said...

Thrilled that you could resolve your Face Book problem and even more thrilled that you can put things in prespective...going with your Mom to visit the Hummingbird Lady of Metairie certainly takes priority...Give Winifred a hug from me...I am heading out to LA on Thrusday morning and stopping to visit OP friends in Hammond and Pontchatoula on the way.
Will be in NO from July 20 - the way, my Brother, Louis, will have bypass surgery on Wednesday...say some prayers for his quick recovery...he is a terrible patient! LOL
Father Fred, cmf