Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Karen in the News

Karen's show for AMC is steadily moving up the food chain, so to speak. Here's an article in the National Catholic Register to bring you up to date.


Anonymous said...

What a great article! I remember another show about a priest--"Sarge." It was about a Catholic priest who was a former police sargeant. I remember it being a decent show that treated the priesthood with respect. Of course, I think that was over 30 years ago... There's not much on t.v. that is fit to watch these days. If "Vows" is being written by the same hand that penned "Mash," "Judging Amy," and "Northern Exposure," it is sure to be a hit!---harv681

Anonymous said...

URBI ET ORBI Finally a banquet for all who have hungered for decency, inspiration and pure genius. St. "Nayshus" must be very proud of you. spqr

xaipe said...

Karen took her own link away--she said there were some factual errors in the story and overall it was generating too many questions for her. But I say, read the article, rejoice that something really good is in the works, even if not in production, and DON'T ASK KAREN ANY QUESTIONS!