Thursday, June 28, 2007

Evan: Almighty or All-righty?

Cyberspace ate two of my posts for supper, so I'll try again.
Sr. Helena was just saying the other day that critics hate comedies, so she never takes them seriously (the critics, I mean) when they pan a comedy. According to Sr. Helena's screenwriting teachers at UCLA, the only way to tell if a comedy works is to see if the audience laughs. And when Sr. Helena went to a screening of Evan Almighty, Evan passed the comedy test. So even though Sr. Helena got in free, she assures me that it is worth the $10 to see Evan.
Me? I'm saving my ten-spot to see Ratatouille with mom. (Going home to New Orleans in two weeks.)

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winifritz said...

For Sr. Helena re Evan Almighty.How did a pair of hapless mourning doves ever find their way to the Ark to preserve their species, and why. spqr