Thursday, June 28, 2007

Top Spot for Thompson

That's right! After lingering in fourth place for weeks, behind the Friends of City Park and two high schools, a remarkable New Orleans charity is in first place! Add your vote to keep the Father Harry Thompson Center at the top in Burger King's "donation contest." Tell your friends! Tell your mother! Vote every day--there's barely a week left until the deciding tallies are in. After all the people of New Orleans have been through, this is a simple way to participate in something constructive for the city's most vulnerable citizens.
Here's a link to the Center, but don't go there until you've voted (link at top of post).
And, yes, they still also need help gutting flooded houses.


Anonymous said...

It's a Miracle...Deo Gratias. spqr

Anonymous said...

and Happy Birthday to Aunt Toodie, a big supporter of Cafe Reconcile, a project of the Thompson Center.--harv681

xaipe said...

An earlier post on the Father Harry Thompson Center garnered a very hostile comment to the effect that the Catholic Church owns most of New Orleans. Since that is patently false, let's set the record straight on another thing: the Father Harry Thompson Center is a distinct social service entity, inspired by Catholic principles and by the Gospel. Remember "whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me"? It still holds.
A week or so ago, ZuluQueen, who was not happy about my advocacy of the Father Thomspon Center, urged that this not get nasty. That appeal still holds, too.

audiotomb said...

THompson at top spot

Miracle or big distribution list from a government employee in a postition where he should not be using his influence.

How wide an area does Harry THompson's center really serve. Are people nurished both spiritually and physically. Jesus said you will always have the poor.
I tip my hat to your outreach but does it really reach the widest number of people in New Orleans?

Hopefully those people will donate their own money to this cause