Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reserve your copy!

I've taken my time to read this wonderful document, but it is awkward going through 65 pages of printed sheets from the Internet. I can't wait until Sacramentum Caritatis comes out in the more convenient booklet form that fits right in my chapel kneeler bookshelf! Here's the latest info from our publishing house:

Sacrament of Charity
Sacramentum Caritatis
By Pope Benedict XVI
Available soon—The new document from Pope Benedict XVI
Reserve your copy now ! ($6.95)

What's it about?
Why the Eucharist is so important in the Church
How it is related to the other sacraments
How it brings us the hope of eternal life
The beauty of the liturgy
How the liturgy should be celebrated
The role of liturgical art and music
What it means to participate at Mass
Reverence for the Eucharist
Forms of Eucharistic devotion
The meaning of Sunday worship
How the Eucharist makes us holy

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