Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Theology of the Body Seminar

If you have only heard "about" Pope John Paul's Theology of the Body, but have never had a down-to-earth explanation of what is so extraordinary and life-changing and culture-challenging and spiritually renewing about it,
AND you are the Chicago/Rockford area,
Christopher West will be giving his introductory seminar, "Created and Redeemed," in Batavia, IL on April 13-14. The cost is a measly $15 if you register by March 31 (and only $20 after that) and it even includes lunch!
Contact cindyaugustine@comcast.net for details and registration. Space is limited.

Sr. Helena will be offering a two-part "Introduction to the Theology of the Body" during lunch hour here on Michigan Ave; details coming.

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