Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Recovered post #1: Women's crisis centers under microscope

I posted this (or tried to) on Sunday night:
The Tribune had a half-page article today about "crisis pregnancy centers," noting that they now outnumber abortion clinics in the US by almost two to one. This great news for women and children, of course, has the abortion industry in a panic. I strongly suggest that you go to the Tribune site and read the article, and then use the Tribune's e-mail service to send the article to others. (The most-forwarded article of the week is featured again in a future issue.)
I will be responding to this one, especially noting that the writer was lazy enough to depend on a "report" by the National Abortion Federation for three paragraphs' worth of content--and while stating that "anti-abortion pregnancy centers have received more than $30 million in federal funding since 2001" (a drop in the budget bucket over 6 years), gave no financial information concerning abortion providers who wrap themselves in a non-profit blanket (never mind the financial picture of the for-profit providers). (Not to mention that the phrase "anti-abortion" used to be, and may still be, a violation of the Tribune's own editorial policy.)
So much of the article, in fact (even the declarations of one women who claimed to have been "tricked" into going to a pro-life center she thought was an abortion clinic), was the usual rhetoric of the abortion industry and its well-funded backers: "intrusive questions about religious belief", forced to "watch a video while she waited", "meant to scare and manipulate", "centers that are licensed as medical facilities do not provide a complete range of reproductive services...since they do not refer clients for abortions or offer birth control." You get the picture.
Maybe you'll be inspired to respond, too.

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