Friday, December 15, 2006

Sweet Home Chicago

God bless Sr. Helen for picking me up at Midway yesterday and going straight to the chiropractor's office to have my back pain treated. It helped enormously after two and a half hours in an airplane...
Speaking of air travel, while I was waiting on the "arrivals" deck, I was noticing certain cars doing the slow-circle: a white Hummer, a silver Chevy mini-van, an old black Cadillac... I mean, they came around so often that I actually began to catalog them in my mind! Then a woman to my right, also waiting for a ride turned to me with the remark, "You know you've been waiting a while when you start to recognize the cars that are passing by!"
Yep, you sure do!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Sister!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that you did not need to go to the chiropractor after dear Sr. Helen brought you home.