Friday, December 15, 2006

Guadalupe movie

Well, we just got back from "Guadalupe," now showing in 7 theaters in Chicago. Unfortunately, there were only a dozen of us in that particular theater, so I suspect the movie won't be sticking around--but it will be one of those DVDs that we will, I am sure, see constantly asked for in our centers.
I'm no movie critic, so I won't go into technical things about the film. I'll just say the parts I liked the most. They were the historic recreations of the apparition. It was so nice to see a little brown Virgin in her turquoise robe. And the lovely scene of the cure of Uncle Bernardino. And, best of all, of course, the crowning moment when the roses cascade in slow motion from Juan Diego's tilma (twice): Juan Diego's posture and garments make him seem like an ancient high priest, and in a way he was: "chosen from among men as their representative to offer gifts" (but this time from Heaven, not "to" Heaven!), and "no one takes this honor on his own, but only when chosen."
I also enjoyed the connections that were made as a result of the many scientific studies of the image, especially one that I had never come across before: that the stars on Mary's mantle depict the constellations in mid-December. That correlates to something I heard in June on the socio-cultural dimensions of the Bible: that the weird "signs in the sky" depicted in the book of Revelation refer to the constellations in the Southern sky.
As we discussed it in community, the movie is, in a way, about Mexico as much as it is about Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mexican history and culture is summed up in all things Guadalupana, so much was also depicted and explained in the movie.
In all, an informative, inspiring and enjoyable movie!

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I went to the Marcus Theater in Addison on Sunday night (Dec 17th). The theater was filled, besides us everyone was Hispanic. They were mostly families with little children. YOu could hear a pin drop during the movie. It was a beautiful movie and a beautiful experience as well!