Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Christmas Trees

I took a walk around the main building here in our Boston motherhouse, just getting photos of the Christmas trees...

I started in the infirmary, where they have one of those fiber-optic trees (see left). (The crib set is on a table on the other side of the window.)

Next, I went downstairs toward the switchboard, where the operator had a tiny one to enjoy (right).

From there, it was only through the next doorway to the lovely tree in the "Community Room" (which has morphed into an informal waiting room near the entrance). I tried to take it without a flash, with mixed results (left).

In the entrance way, a small tree hid behind the creche, but I can't seem to upload the picture! (It's still hiding.)

Down the hall, the chapel tree featured shepherd's staffs (aka "candy canes") and bibles.

I poked my head outside, but it was raining, so I only got a side view of the outdoor Nativity seen, nestled in sparkling trees.

And so I went downstairs to the refectory, for another tree, with an extensive Nativity set-up. These aren't all the trees in that building, not even all the ones I encountered on my walk-through with a camera!

Tomorrow I head back to Chicago. I wonder if Sr. Helena, decorator supreme, has finished whipping the tree into appropriate color and shape...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sr. Anne,

I just want to say your blog is a joy to read. Also, the concert in Boston was awesome. I've been to the concert every year since you began and every year its just great. Keep up the great work of doing concerts like that and promoting films like The Nativity Story.

God Bless you!!
Fr. Mike Harrington

Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

My favorite christmas tree picture is the one taken without the flash. No mixed results there.