Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Last Alleluia

We didn't sing it yet. That's because it's my turn to lead the community's prayers today and I am making sure that the day is filled with that untranslated, untranslatable acclamation of joy and praise and triumph that by tradition falls silent tonight.
One of Sr Tracey's doodles.
Truth to tell, we won't miss the Allelluia much if our lives don't have a lot of Alleluia! in them to start with. If joy and praise aren't part of the framework of our interpreting life, if turning to God in amazement over his sheer goodness isn't woven into the fabric of my day, I'm not exactly going to be tongue-tied at the loss of one word from my vocabulary.

If this is the sad case, then maybe my Lenten practice needs to focus more on joy and praise,  even to the point where I find myself babbling longingly for an "Alleluia!" to give expression to it all.

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