Monday, August 24, 2015

Singing Nuns at Fenway Park

Wally (the Big Green Monster) and the choir. (Original Big
Green Monster in the background.)
In case you weren't watching KC@BOS yesterday, the Red Sox lost. But it was a good game, even better (at least for half an inning) after the seventh-inning stretch when the Daughters of St Paul choir came onto the rain-drenched field to sing "God Bless America" with the 30,000+ fans in the packed stadium!

Waiting in "Canvas Alley"
It was a lot of fun for us, arriving in the morning for a quick sound check, then returning to Fenway Park after lunch to find that we had tickets in the Grandstand behind home plate! We cheered and we jeered with the Boston fans until, in the 6th inning, we were escorted to "Canvas Alley" to await the middle of the 7th inning.

A soaking rain was falling steadily and the Royals managed to stretch their turn at bat for a very long time, while we stood away from the drops, repeating our opening note and practicing a few times. Then: "Okay, Sisters: follow me!" And onto the field we strode to get into formation around the two mics that had been hastily set up for us. The Man with the Baseball Stadium Voice introduced us, and minute and a half later, it was done--and the crowd went wild!!! (Watch it here!)

We had prayed that people's hearts would, in some mysterious way, be touched. (As Sr Tracey said, "God will respond to any invitation he gets.") As we left the stadium, people greeted us enthusastically.  "Great job, Sisters!" "Can we take a picture with you?" Every nun they had ever seen, learned from or encountered was made present to them that day through us. "I work with the Sisters of Notre Dame! Can I get a picture of my little girl with you sisters to show them?" "Sister Mary Euphrasia was my math teacher! I never forgot her!" You could see the tremendous influence of the many orders of sisters who served in the Boston area (and way beyond). Even people who hadn't been in the stadium were greeting us on the street as they came out of the sports bars, since our two minutes of fame had been broadcast on the New England Sports Network.

Enjoy the pictures! You can find more (and additional video links) on our choir's Facebook page. (Like us if you don't already!)

Our view of the game.
How about that World Series ring?

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