Tuesday, July 09, 2013

TOB Tuesday and "The Light of Faith"

Mom with granddaughter #3, earlier this year.
I like the way that this photo lets you see the
"ray of light" from this relationship of love.
While I am on retreat, I have prepared a daily tidbit for you from Pope Francis' first encyclical, Lumen fidei ("Light of Faith"). Today's passage could have been taken right from Pope John Paul's Theology of the Body:

"The fact that our human loves contain that ray of light also helps us to see how all love is meant to share in the complete self-gift of the Son of God for our sake. In this circular movement, the light of faith illumines all our human relationships, which can then be lived in union with the gentle love of Christ" (N. 32).

Earlier, Pope Francis had written about faith as a communion with Christ that allows us to see with his vision. Here, that seeing with his vision leads to loving with his love. 


Anonymous said...

Our family now lives in a part of Canada where the days are very long in summer. At the end of June the sun both rises and sets in my kitchen window, flooding this room with light and warmth, transforming it. This is what faith does in our lives, doesn't it? A gift from God warming and illuminating our lives and relationships, even those dark corners normally in shadow, irradiated by His glory. Wishing you a good retreat, Sister. - Jean

The Storyteller said...

Beautiful Mama; Beautiful Reflection; Wonderful Tribute

Thank you for sharing.
May your retreat be full of grace!