Monday, July 08, 2013

Tidbits from "The Light of Faith"

My annual retreat begins this evening, and those eight days of silence include digital silence. However, that does not mean you won't be hearing from me! No, I won't "cheat," but I am preparing some posts ahead of time, drawing on what I have been reading in Pope Francis' first encyclical, "The Light of Faith" (Lumen fidei). It's true there is a LOT of Benedict's "voice" in this document, but Francis comes through loud and clear. It is, after all, his encyclical. So look for a daily dose of "Lumen fidei" while I am on this retreat. And please pray for me that the "light of faith" will glow  with greater intensity for me during this week of prayer (and silence!).

To get the ball rolling, here is your first installment of "Lumen fidei" (from #31):

Last night I had read today's Gospel in preparation for Mass and meditation, and then I picked up the Kindle to continue reading the encyclical. Lo and behold: a reference to today's Gospel story of the "woman with the flow of blood": "The crowd presses in on Jesus, but they do not reach him with the personal touch of faith, which apprehends the mystery that he is the Son who reveals the Father. Only when we are configured to Jesus do we receive the eyes needed to see him" ["him" in this case being the Father, since faith allows us to see with Christ's own vision].


Anonymous said...

Hubby and I look forward to reading your prepared posts and following along, in our own way, with your retreat. Great idea! Our daughter will be having surgery in Sept., same ailment as that Gospel woman, so if you would please keep her in your prayers that she might be healed as well. Jesus heals through the hands of skilled surgeons, as well as miraculous, unexplained events. - Jean

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

By all means, Jean, I will lift up your daughter during this retreat. Come, Holy Spirit, Lord and life-giver!