Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Evangelization in "The Light of Faith"

Since I am on retreat this week, I have prepared a thought a day from Pope Francis' first encyclical, "Lumen fidei" (the "light of faith"). This passage (from #32) struck me as a wonderful description, even a definition, of evangelization:

"Christian faith, inasmuch as it proclaims the truth of God's total love and opens us to the power of that love, penetrates to the core of our human experience.... illumining all reality with the love of God made manifest in Jesus, and seeking to love others with that same love..."

Do you ever think of evangelization in terms like these?

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Anonymous said...

I had to think about this through the day - it took both cups of morning coffee, daily chores and a walk down by the river to pull my thoughts together. I believe my answer is "yes", I do see evangelization in this way because when I examine the meaning of Christian love it has its fulfillment, in part, in living the Gospel message.

Whether or not I like the person I am called to witness to, whether that takes the form of making a pot of soup for them upon their return from hospital or some other work of corporal or spiritual mercy, those deeds put a human dimension into the prompting of the Spirit. Complying with the prompting furthers the Kingdom.

I just hope I'm not undoing the effects of Grace when I mutter, while stirring the pot "I hope you appreciate this Lord, because left to my own devices that neighbour wouldn't get a single bowl from this pot." That distant sound in the background...not the, it's God heaving a sigh, will I ever learn? - Jean