Monday, April 15, 2013

Indiegogo campaign starts today

In the light of the horrific event in Boston, I am kind of embarrassed to post this today; but I do not know what tomorrow will bring with Mom, or when I would otherwise be able to activate the Indiegogo campaign, already so far behind schedule. As far as Boston, there is nothing to be said except prayers. I'm thinking St. Michael, really.

We had a really rough, heartbreaking day with Mom today. All seven of us are near; too bad the rules only allow three at a time! We kind of need each other's support. A priest-friend of the family, the same priest who anointed Dad the night before he died, came to the hospital to anoint Mom and pray with her.

All this drama at home has compromised the Theology of the Body project you have been hearing so much about from me. After all, in a community of just four sisters, there is no one else to keep the ball rolling! So during the evenings I have tried to do what I can. Last week I made some progress putting together a little crowd-sourcing fundraiser for the Theology of the Body class. It went live today.

I got special permission to present major donors (if any arise!) with the medallions I received for my work at the Vatican during the Jubilee Year 2000, and for another project involving Church and science. If you know someone who might be interested in helping us meet the expenses of this Year of Faith project, please share the link with them. Feel free also to share it on Facebook (there are links on the Indiegogo site).


stormy said...

Where can I send a contribution, SrAnne?

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Thanks for asking! You can donate directly through the Indiegogo website (they take a small %), or send a check to us (and we get it all):
Daughters of St. Paul
172 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60601

Anonymous said...

Dear Sr Anne,

I'm sorry I am not in a position to donate at this time, but my prayers are still with your mom and family.

I was in the ER this evening with our son(all is well, just a sprain), and found it a moving place to be praying for you all at this time.

God bless you and mom and family.


Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Nothing can help us more! Thank you for your prayers.