Friday, November 23, 2012

Greetings from New York!

The choir has gathered, and our first practice is tomorrow! (Our first concert will be Tuesday, I believe, so we have a lot ahead of us!)

Meanwhile, some scenes from our community Thanksgiving. We had five guests for the day. Two of them were named Patrick, and one Pat (Patricia). Since being named after St Patrick seemed to be a qualifier, we had to grant Juan a pass because he is a seminarian, and little Levant got an age exemption.

I had some real adventures with the turkey, starting from misreading the directions for the oven. (I was doing this without my glasses.) So I preheated the oven and went upstairs for something else. Sister Frances was completing the last touches on the table decor; I needed to remember to check in for today's flight.

Naturally, I wanted to catch at least some of the State Street Parade on the way to Mass, so I left a few minutes early. It was only after kneeling at Assumption Church for a decade of the rosary that I realized I had forgotten to ever put the turkey in the oven.

Never mind that once I finally got home and put the bird in place, the heat was too low to do much of anything to it. (I didn't realize that part until an hour and a half later, when I thought it was strange that there was no wonderful turkey aroma wafting through the house.)

Oh, and in the evening, putting the carefully made turkey soup in the freezer, I knocked over a quart of hot broth--all over the freezer, the pantry floor and my shoes.

The apple-stuffed pumpkin was more of a success than anything having to do with the turkey.


Angela Santana said...

Still looks like it was a great celebration!

Anonymous said...

Reading about your turkey adventures made me smile - you are ALWAYS so together!
It was wonderful having you back with your "Chicago" choir last weekend. Have a wonderful tour - see you in a few weeks.