Thursday, October 04, 2012

Your vote counts (at least for this...)

St Michael #1 (grey background)

St Michael #2 (blue and gold background)
St Michael #3 (mostly blue background, with white text)

My mom liked my bumper sticker idea so much, she is proposing to actually go ahead and get one made. I like the idea myself, but don't feel comfortable using the Walters Art Museum image of St. Michael, because of licensing questions.

So I found a picture I took of a window of St. Michael from Milan (I think) and tried to work with that. What do you think? Will that St Michael make the cut? Which design ought to go to print? Or should I get back to the drawing board?

Use the survey link to cast your vote, and use the comments box to give other opinions. Like, how many bumper stickers do you want???


Anonymous said...

Hi Sr. Anne

I like the blue and gold background best.

harv681 said...

I think the mostly blue background shows up better...and I want 6!