Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TOB Tuesday: Resources Galore!

There are more TOB-friendly resources available online all the time.  I discovered two more last week:

"Leaven" is a non-profit organization for the practical living of the Theology of the Body. Their website features a multiplicity of approaches in making it possible and practical for people to know and adopt a TOB "spirituality" in their married lives, from testimonies and facts to financial aid (for example, to cover a sterilization reversal or fertility care or post-abortion counseling or even Christmas presents for the kids). I am personally blown away that there is such a resource for people who are drawn to the ideals of TOB, but face some very real hurdles. The mission of "The Leaven for Humanae Vitae" gets a permanent place on my special prayer list (and, I hope, on yours).

Here's a young-adult site that offers support for living a pure life that is consistent with the values of the Theology of the Body! Includes testimonials, videos and punchy graphics, all spot-on for the young adult audience. They are getting overwhelmed with traffic, so if you can't get them just yet, try again in a few days.

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