Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mission impossible?

I spent a good part of the day with the local Daughters, borrowing an old laptop to finesse the handouts for St Rita's parish. Downstairs, work continues apace on the facelift for the bookstore. They replaced the carpet and moved book cases out of the way of the chapel door, which is getting its own facelift so that the chapel entrance is more prominent (not to mention lovely). There is the smell of fresh paint (new colors) and generally a lot of activity. Donated cases will take the place of some of the current equipment, but in the meantime it sure can't be easy for the mission here in New Orleans.
The sisters are coming up with all sorts of fund-raising efforts to cover the expenses of the much-needed freshening up of the bookstore's "look." One of the most creative is the "religious zipper pull" for your Bible or missal case (or purse, or phone case, or jacket). Sr Julia and Sr Tracey hand make each one during community time, and Sr Tracey designed a business-card sized card to clip them to for display. She gave me my own zipper pull with the Queen of Apostles on it. I think I'll save it for my Liturgy of the Hours! (Interested in one? Contact the sisters!)

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