Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Carols: few results

Well, we're all a bit too busy to answer a survey just for fun, I suppose. Only seven people responded to the Christmas Carol Survey I posted the other day. But the results are interesting.
With so many lovely songs to choose from for best Christmas Carol, "O Holy Night" got special mention.
Among the secular favorites, I was surprised to see "Pat-a-Pan" (which also got "panned" by one respondent who never wants to hear it again). I think I might put "Pat-a-Pan" up there in my list for the favorite religious songs category: the lyrics I'm familiar with (we recorded it years ago) read like a catechism on the Incarnation: "God and man to union come // with the birth of Christ His Son // our adoption He has won..." Does that count as "stealth evangelization," then?

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