Friday, November 11, 2011

Converted by Beauty

Today's magnificent first reading could almost be a prologue for the New Evangelization (in a way, it actually was the prologue to the first evangelization, the one conducted by Jesus himself, since the book of Wisdom was written within a century or so of the Incarnation).
The wise author sees that all creation is practically a self-portrait of God (God being a rather impressionistic artist, offering for the most part broad strokes of suggestion and only for the most exceptional cases giving a true image and likeness of himself). So all those people who say they find God in nature? They're absolutely right. God is "the original source of beauty," writes the Wise Man, and so admiration of nature's beauty should, by all counts, lead one rapidly to a personal knowledge of God. Ditto for experiences of nature's power and vastness.
How can we, like the author of Wisdom, regain the "way of beauty" as a valid approach to evangelization?

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