Friday, October 28, 2011

Sems night

We have extra chairs at the table tonight:  it's "Sems night" for the students at St. Joseph College Seminary. They get a special "sems" discount in the bookstore, and then pizza and what we call the "Pauline indoctrination session" after closing time. Sr Helena is our hostess with the mostess. (She really goes all out when we have company.) I stayed with my strong suits, peeling vegetables for the salad and apples for the dessert (because I did not buy enough pumpkin pie at Costco today).  The menu is pretty weird: pizza, meatballs and sauce, steamed veggies and salad. And dessert. 

In between, I tried to perfect a poster for the Advent Women's Retreat. I think the design came out well, but I am trying to figure out now how to get it to print properly (new printer; don't like wasting ink). Chicagoland ladies, hope you can make it! (I can't! Sr Helena and I will be on the choir concert tour, so we have volunteers running it this year.) Anyway, here's the poster so far (Advent wreath photo by Sr Emmanuel):

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