Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ahead this week...

Tonight we pray Evening Prayer I of the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, the Divine Master. If you haven't heard of this feast before, don't worry: it's "proper" (assigned, as it were, privately) to the Pauline Family. Naturally, we make as much of it as we can. Not easy, because Sunday is not an easy day to find a priest who's free to offer such an exceptional Mass (they're all needed in the parishes), and the nearest Society of St. Paul community is 400 miles away. So we do our Liturgy of the Hours and make a special Eucharistic Hour of Adoration. And maybe a cake or something.
Except cake would begin to be redundant, since Monday will be my birthday.
Then Tuesday is the Holy Day (yes, the "obligatory" kind). (Yesterday's paper included the latest statistics on Catholic Mass attendance. More and more Catholics seem to believe that "Mass" and "obligation" have no relation to one another. (They're wrong. Not that "obligation" is the ideal motivation, but it sure makes something importance clear!)
Sr Helena and I are also on board to attend a media literacy event on Tuesday night. It looks at religion coverage in the secular news media. One of the panelists is Manya Brachear, from the Chicago Tribune. She's my contact person for those guest posts I do on occasion. This is a newspaper that actually has a religion beat! They take people's faith lives seriously, and research the news and human interest stories carefully and well. I'm sure she'll have a lot of really valuable contributions to make to the conversation.
All Souls Day isn't a Holy Day, but it deserves attention, too. And maybe some of those Purgatory Cookies I discovered years ago in Italy!) 
Then Friday, I head off to Boston to give a retreat to our lay Pauline Cooperators in what has become (for now, at least) the Snow Belt. (I hope it melts down fast!)

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