Saturday, October 01, 2011

Live from Kansas City!

CNMC 2011 118
Photo by Scott Maentz.
Well, my was live while SQPN was streaming it this morning...  In the end, I had to skip about three pages of really good material I had prepared--as Fr. Alberione said, "When a Daughter of St. Paul takes pen in hand, she never has to wonder what to write about." The problem is that there's so much to say!
What a fantastic image of the missionary Church here at the archdiocesan pastoral center! Over a hundred (maybe 130) people involved in evangelization and media, new and old. They are ardent, intelligent and down-to-earth. Unlike many churchy events, this one skews young. And very wired. As someone noted on Twitter, you haven't seen this many Apple products anywhere in one place outside of an Apple store. Apple should be underwriting part of the CNMC! (Props to the Knights of Columbus who actually did help out in that direction.)
You can catch the highlights of the day on Twitter, where everyone has been posting in real time. (My phone battery died, so you won't find much from nunblogger...) And here are pictures of the event to go with the Twitter stream. You can also find the personal notes taken by participants like Jeff. I'll post some notes of my own when I have more of a chance to catch up (first I have to make my Hour of Adoration).
After lunch we were able to preview a pilot sitcom for Catholic TV; it will be broadcast (and streamed) on Thanksgiving day, after which we will be free to put it on our sites. If it clicks with enough people (pun very much intended), a series may get the go-ahead. That would be a new thing in media: a Catholic family sitcom.

Now I'm off to chapel, to thank the Lord for streaming his light through us and among us at the Catholic New Media Conference!

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