Thursday, September 29, 2011


I landed in Kansas City this afternoon, and Lisa Hendey (who had landed some time earlier) found me en route to baggage claim. Shortly after we had retrieved my bags, and "Captain Jeff" was about to take them to the car, Pat Gohn crossed our path. All four of us are now ensconced at the "Savior Pastoral Center" of the Diocese of Kansas City (KS) for the Catholic New Media Conference. I'm lucky. I have until (early) Saturday to tweak my talk; Lisa and Pat have two talks to give.

Silly me; I was working so late last night on my talk, and then this morning, that when I finally packed (around noon), I didn't check the weather in Kansas City. It's pure summer over here. I'll be nice and warm with my turtlenecks... Well, so often conference rooms are extra chilly, maybe I'll be glad I packed for the wrong season! It's comfy in my room, though, and there's a great wifi connection.

I'm sure that the proceedings on Saturday will be streamed live so you (and you, Mom) can join in; try this address or maybe this one. (I'll try to get the precise information by Saturday!) Meanwhile, counting on your prayers!

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