Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Our Next Lenten Program!

Starting in Lent, we will be hosting Fr Barron's 10-part video program, "The Catholicism Project" as our Lent (and Easter!) program. The book based on the scripts was released yesterday, with a video introduction by Fr. Barron:

Meanwhile, we aren't quite looking forward to Lent yet, but Advent is not all that far off, and that brings the new translation of the Mass prayers. So I am trying to organize a few talks here to introduce people to the main issues--which I have already blogged about so abundantly that you could probably fill in for me anytime! Sr Helena also filmed me doing 10-minute snippets on various aspects of the new translation. These will be on our publishing house website, along with the missals themselves (Sunday and Daily versions), which are still in the works.
I'm hoping to pull my videos into a book, too, eventually... but, unlike Fr. Barron, I don't see any book-writing sabbaticals in Rome on the horizon for me. Maybe after the CNMC I'll be able to put my nose to that particular grindstone!

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