Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Home again (home again!)

I've been singing the nursery-rhyme jingle rather frequently this year (with more renditions to come). Most of  yesterday was spent traveling from Boston, so today has been devoted to catching up on bits and pieces--including e-mail and Twitter posts that looked interesting, but that I didn't have time to click through.

Here's one of them: a look at how e-reader bookworms measure up to the traditional kind. (As you can see, once you hit the level of 6 books a year, the e-reading bookworms outrace print readers almost exponentially.)

On a totally different topic, there's the Holy Hour for Children and Families to be held at the Shrine of O.L. of Guadalupe here in Chicagoland:
And, to wrap things up a bit (and even more randomly), here are the very interesting results of a sociological study of Catholics and the Catholic Press (as in, you know, printed matter)... Apparently we avid bloggers and Internet reading Catholics are a distict minority. As a person with deep ties to Catholic publishing, I find that rather encouraging!

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