Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Picture that!

Here's a picture of me, walking down a country road in the evening sunlight. Kind of looks like an arrow with two shafts, doesn't it? Can you think of a caption for it?

Here's another picture I took; this time in the retreat house living room (which the directors and staff used as a dining room during our silent meals). What is wrong with this picture (besides the obvious fact that the AC was poorly substituted by a box fan)?
I will post what struck me after I see your comments!


Rainbows07 said...

My caption for the first picture would be "Follow Me," since you stated that it looked like an arrow with two legs.


Anonymous said...

The candle on the second shelf is a fire hazard?

Matthew from Michigan

Carol O. said...

First picture's caption: "Luke, I am your Sister!"

I can't make out the details of the second photo, but I wouldn't have the candle where it's been placed.

Anonymous said...

Is there a prize for the best answers?