Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meanwhile in New Orleans...

I arrived in New Orleans at noon today, and Mom and I promptly went out for lunch (charbroiled oysters). My sister and her family will join us from Texas this weekend as we celebrate the 90th birthday of my godmother and aunt, Mom's eldest sister, and another "milestone" birthday for a sister-in-law. After the birthday parties, Mom and the girls have a road trip planned. My sisters are in charge of the itinerary ; I'm just along for the ride. And for the Catholic and foodie highlights along the way. (Basically, it seems that we are accompanying my sister back to Austin!) With that in mind, I packed super light (meaning, I did not bring a computer). I figured I can use Mom's computer (here I am!). And my phone. (Wouldn't you know: just this morning the typing app on the phone died.) It should be interesting!

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