Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inside Look at Convent Life

Checked my stats today and found that I was included in an interesting conversation going on about nuns in today's world. Since someone linked to my blog, I had a huge uptick of hits yesterday while I was enjoying those oysters with Mom. (Sushi today with Mom and my sister, along with her son and her granddaughter.) So for those visitors, I thought it would be helpful to post a few links so they can see some of those "nuns in today's world" that they were talking about.

For example, here am I, here's Sr Julia (from when she was in Chicago last year), here is a group of sisters talking about books they were reading at the time (over a year ago). Here's Sr Tracey telling the story of her call. Remember when we were recording "In Paradisum"? (It's on sale now, don't forget, or download it!)

For more video, see our various online presences. Here are a few to start with (lots more in my sidebar links list):
SingingSisters (that's the YouTube channel I manage); on Twitter I am nunblogger
Sr Tracey's YouTube channel
Sr Helena's channel and blog (lots of movie reviews); don't forget her Twitter feed!
Sr Marie Paul's blog (beautiful and reflective)

Come back around in mid-August and watch us on the "choir cam" while we record a new album.


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Fran said...

Lovely post- I would like to go back and read more of that conversation on the other site.

And I love Sister Marie Paul's blog too. I got to meet her when I was in Los Angeles last fall and was visiting with Sr. Rose Pacette. Sister Marie Paul was visiting there at the same time and I got to enjoy a lovely lunch with those two!