Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Podcast cameos

Our latest album has been featured on several Catholic podcasts. I already linked to Pat Gohn's "About Women" podcast, but here it is again. Pat joined us in the studio last summer as we learned the music--she even recorded the process, which you can listen in on in her podcast.

This week, the original "iPadre," Father Jay Finelli posted the interview we recorded on Skype a few weeks ago. That's about 20 minutes into the program. And back home in Louisiana, "the Catholic Foodie," Jeff Young included our music in his podcast, too!

Want to listen to some music clips from the album? You'll find them here. And meanwhile, a trailer prepared by our marketing department, with a free song (Sr Fay is the soloist):


Pat Gohn said...

Um, a little typo... About Women is really Among Women. Gosh darn auto-correct!

Thanks for the mention Sister Anne! What fun we had!

Sr Anne said...

*Blush...* at least I got the link right!!!