Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Pro-Life Residence in Chicagoland!

Lack of housing and financial insecurity are two of the reasons that many women resort to abortion. And so Chicagoland's "Aid for Women" has opened "Heather's House," a residence for homeless expectant mothers that offers much more than just a safe and comfortable place to live. Women and babies will be able to stay for two years while mothers receive life and parenting classes, continue their education and get career training, too. It's the kind of program that can make a huge difference for women who feel that they have literally nowhere to go and no one to turn to.
Contribute household and baby items through Heather's House gift registries at Babies R Us (Registry #46439641) or Target (Target List ID #012399302510999)!
(Next time someone remarks that pro-lifers care more about the baby than the mother, you could invite them to contribute to Heather's House, too!)

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Ruth Ann said...

This is a fantastic arrangement. Our parish has something similar that has been in place for 10 plus years.