Thursday, April 07, 2011

Slapstick must be really big in Belgium--and even more entertaining when delivered with a veneer of activism. But it becomes positively gut-busting when the victim is an unpopular Archbishop. Or so it would seem.
You may have already heard that yesterday a Belgian "prankster" released videos of the Archbishop of Brussels getting hit in the face with a custard pie. Other public figures have been on the receiving end of this form of "comedy," but the unfortunate Archbishop seems to be the victim of choice, with no fewer than four tastes of the same punishment, one of them delivered before an audience that laughed and cheered as if the whole thing were some kind of reality show.
The press was told that the action was a protest of the bishop's statements on homosexual behavior and abortion. (This is the same Archbishop who was locked out of his residence while the government made an illegitimate search for non-existent incriminating documents that they presumed had been hidden there--and in his predecessors' tombs.)

I get the impression that the bishop is a bit too plain-spoken for his own good (and not very media savvy). He seems not to recognize when a "reporter" is asking a leading question, and attempts to respond in ways that our sound-byte culture cannot comprehend or follow. He's sure to suffer future indignities in the name of respect and tolerance. 


Moses said...

With the hateful things that man has said, he's lucky that pies in the face are all he got.
Brussels deserves better. ALL of God's children deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Jesus says:
Love your neighbor as yourself.

That does not mean to tolerate evil, or promote disorder like homosexuality and abortion. It seems the more painful thing for the previous commentor is the fact that the Archbishop told the TRUTH, and sometimes the truth hurts.

Moses said...

Just to clarify what "blog commenter" said... He stated that it's lucky - with the way today's society is - that he didn't get worse. I don't wish ill-will on anyone, no matter how ignorant or hate-filled their opinions and comments may be.

Kathy Schiffer said...

Dear Moses:
He deserves respect by virtue of his office. You may disagree with his actions or his words; but it is not your place to react with violence. Not with anyone, and most especially not with someone who is-- like it or not-- representing Christ in your diocese.

Sr Anne said...

Thanks for the clarification; it certainly helps, although speaking of "hateful things" is less helpful.

Sr Anne said...

Moses, I'm sorry I was not online during the day to be able to put your clarification up earlier.

Moses said...

Dear Schiffer,

We all deserve better, by virtue of being human, and by virtue of being one of God's beloved children.
This archbishop has said on more than one occasion that AIDS is God's punishment for being gay. That's an ugly thing to say, and far worse than a pie in the face.
Let's not pick and choose who we show love and respect toward.

Suzanne said...

Opposing homosexual behaviour is not hateful.

Brussels is extremely lucky to have such a staunch defender of the culture of life.

Anonymous said...

God bless the Archbishop for standing up for the Truth. Jesus told his apostles: "If they hate you, know that they hated Me first."

Sr. Anne, I've tagged you for a meme at my blog:

In Jesu XPI Passio,

Sr Anne said...

Thanks for the meme invite, David; I am a bit too pressured these weeks to indulge... I haven't had the time to update my links, either.

Carol said...

Many other people have said what the Bishop said, but folks go after the one who is likely not armed or dangerous. (Or: the Catholic.)

I suggest someone load up the Bishop with pies --so as to *answer* any future pies that come his way.