Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The FSP on PBS

A few weeks ago, a crew from "Religion and Ethics" paid a visit to our motherhouse in Boston; on Friday, some of that footage ended up in the PBS program:

What a funny world. Today I found (and "liked") the official Pope John Paul II Beatification Facebook page; yesterday I learned that a local parish is actively discouraging parents from permitting their children to use Facebook, because of the moral dangers and the risks associated with online privacy (not that Facebook is for children).
So, reader of a nun's blog, what do you think about faith and social media? If you join a convent podcast for evening prayer, does it count? What are the opportunities and the risks of online evangelization?


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it can be a positive thing. I do think there are things that you must be aware of, especially with children utilizing the internet. Children need to be taught right & wrong...using the Internet at home in clear view of parents, make sure the schools have appropriate monitoring....I have very much enjoyed learning about the Catholic church via on the Internet. I was very excited to see a webcam view live of the Vatican & Pope John Paul II tomb---I may not ever get to see it in person but wow, truly incredible what technology we have today! I think if people don't view the Internet as a free for all to spew things they would never say person to person, hateful things, then the Internet is absolutely amazing..uniting people from all over the world.

Lisa said...

This PBS clip is great! It's really wonderful to see the Sisters' in the context of the other interviewees. It's such a wholesome worldview. I hope many viewers are drawn to a deeper life because of it.