Friday, April 29, 2011

Last summer's work: now released!

You might remember that last August we were in the sound studio working on a new album, with our "choir cam" installed in one of the isolation booths. Well, it arrived today in our Chicago bookstore.  I haven't even heard it yet, but the sisters have been playing it downstairs nonstop.  (That's a really good sign!)
As I wrote while we were singing it, the music is mostly inspirational pop. Not our usual style, but we are all convinced that this album is not for our usual audience. This is an album you can confidently give to just about anyone, and it will be especially comforting to people in need of some consolation, whether they are the "religious type" or not. 
I picked up the player code from our official website. I can't get it to work for me, but maybe your system will allow you to sample some of the tracks... (Mom, can you hear me now?)


K T Cat said...

Sister, the JW player on this page and on the Pauline Media page seems broken. I wanted to listen to a few samples and then buy it, but I can't get it to play a thing.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...mine doesn't support/work. I will try the main homepage to hear it. =)

Anonymous said...

re Mom can you hear me now, not a twit