Monday, March 14, 2011

On the road

I'm off to Milwaukee today, to begin a series of Monday night talks on the new Missal (at St. Josaphat's Basilica). If you are in that area, join me there at 5:30 tonight for soup and 6:30 for the talk.
Meanwhile, all weekend I have been engaged in a running comments-box conversation with someone who has a pitifully narrow conception of salvation. (And of God, too? It sure seems like it.) You might want to join in.


Anonymous said...

"Pitifully narrow"? Rather judgmental and condescending, Sister, don't you think?

I was honestly hoping that you could convince me that I was wrong. I might well be wrong, but your condescending attitude suggests that I came to the wrong place.

Best wishes and God bless. I shan't trouble you with my narrow views any longer.

Sr Anne said...

Throughout the exchange of comments, I kept wanting to believe that you were genuinely engaging with the Pope's reflection (given that I may not have done it justice).
You may very well be grappling with this teaching in your own way (I hope so), but what comes across is intransigence and even belligerence, and your final question about deferring "to the Pope's private theological opinion" seemed both sarcastic and condescending.
I recognize and regret my own expressions of sarcasm and condescension.

Anonymous said...

Sr. Anne,

I'm definitely struggling with the Pope's theological views on this particular issue, for I wish to be in oneness of mind with him. It's difficult.

I'm sorry for my tone. I tend to be a bit aggressive in my style of argument, especially online. I'm sure that if we met in person we'd have a friendly and spirited debate. :-)

All is forgiven. Have a blessed Lent.

God bless,

Sr Anne said...

Thank you, David. Your forgiveness means a lot, and you are very gracious to offer it in a public setting.
I am praying for you and for all those (to the "right" and to the "left") who find it hard to reconcile their convictions with the Pope's, whatever the issue.